What do we mean by "* IMPORTANT / NECESSARY / REQUIRED *" ??? For some home buyers, a pool is an absolute requirement: they will not even look at a home without a pool. Most other homebuyers "PREFER" a pool, but due to price conditions they would be willing to look at a home that did not have a pool (if perhaps, it had an extra room or a large lot).

In the first instance, the homebuyer should check the "I must have a pool" box, because we will not send them any listings without a pool. The second instance should not check this box because there are other factors that may make a pool-less property attractive.

We recently had a customer that told us they needed a 4 bedroom home. However, there were no available 4 bedroom properties in the price range they were interested in. It turned out that they only needed 3 bedrooms, but needed another room that would serve as a home office. We expanded the search to include 3 bedroom homes that also had a Den / GameRoom / Spare Room / Extra Room / Enclosed Patio / etc. There were several in their price range

The moral is: separate out your absolute needs from your passionate wants and your would like to have's. Then, simply choose the absolute needs on our form, and spend a little time reviewing the listings that meet these needs. You will find that the range of options you will find available to you by this method saves you time in the long run.